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The outbreak of COVID-19, as we have all seen, has affected every industry globally since its major onset in March. Hardworking small business owners and their employees have felt the brunt of COVID-19’s effects, especially in hospitality’s food and beverage sector.

Many states, cities and major companies have all issued statements to public constituents and customers alike on how they are handling the COVID-19 outbreak. Other agencies or organizations have taken it upon themselves to create informative content and actionable resources to assist anyone with questions during this stressful time.

As a proud representative of the restaurant/bar industry, KEXY stands here ready, and more than happy to share the expertise we have practiced and learned along the way since COVID-19 walked directly into our path. It can be difficult to sift through all the information and pinpoint the ones that are beneficial to your business. Hopefully, the following will help clear some of the confusion so you can get down to managing your business today and when COVID-19 allows for us to open our businesses back up to 100%.

The following questions and resources are divided into three sections:

My Restaurant

Specifically dealing with the operations side of your restaurant, communicating with guests etc.

My Employees

Dealing with employee sickness, policies, communication etc.

My Business

This section covers, marketing/sales, grants, and other financial assistance programs, communicating with landlords, etc.

Chapter One

What Is COVID-19?

Chapter Two

What We Know About SARS-CoV-2

Chapter Three

Preparing For The COVID Environment

Chapter Four

Creative Ways To Engage Customers

Chapter Five

When An Employee Tests Positive For COVID-19

Chapter Six

Communicating With Landlords & Creditors

Chapter Seven

Navigating Your Biz Through the Pandemic Economy

Chapter Eight

Using Tech To Thrive After The Pandemic
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