How To Set Up Inventory Locations

How to set up inventory Locations

Do you want to know how to set up an inventory location? if you don’t know then do check out this post to know more.

In the web portal, we allow you to customize and manage all of the locations where your inventory is stored. This feature is located under the navigation menu.  Your account already has preset examples listed. 

This allows you to split the workload between multiple staff members if they are conducting inventory from different locations.  Please remember that if multiple people are taking an inventory at the same time; make sure you are operating under the same inventory sheet number.

When adding the storage locations that are specific to your business, make sure to use a name and photo that all of your staff will recognize. 

We allow you to make changes to your existing locations easily.  You have the ability to edit the name, add a new photo, or add/delete any location you want.  This feature applies to both the front and back of the houses.

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