How To Set Up My Par Levels With KEXY? - KEXY

Most businesses that create an account with KEXY are coming in with their own pre-determined par levels. But we understand that there are still those who are new at establishing par levels.  No matter what your case may be… we’ve got you covered. 

It’s easy to set your par levels from the web portal when initially uploading your inventory or making a change on the go right from the inventory sheet in your mobile app. 

1.  Turn on this feature by opening up the mobile app and clicking on the menu in the top left-hand corner of your homepage.

2.  Next, click the settings button.

3.  Finally, located next to the par level change you will see a slider. Make sure this slider (the blue part) is pushed all the way to the right.

4.  Now that you have activated this feature, the next time you place an order of which the quantity is higher than your indicated par, you will receive a notice asking if you would like to change your par level to the new indicated order amount.

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