REMEMBER all of your inventory must be uploaded through the web portal.



Start by formatting your spreadsheets. Use the provided templates and example sheets to help guide you through the formatting process.

*Note – Make sure all of your products are under their respective categories and that your column headings match the headings on your web portal.”


Next, return to the web portal, dashboard, and click,  “Edit Categories”. Check all of the product categories you will be tracking and add any categories that are not part of the default options. For example, Wine, Beer, Meat, Produce, etc

*Note – To remove the success popups, go to the bottom of the, “Create Category” page and check the box labeled, “Do not show success popups”.


Now return to your dashboard and take a look at the blue column headings. These are the metrics that you will be tracking. To add custom metrics, click, “Edit Metrics”.

*Note – Custom metrics can be deleted using the drop-down menu next to the column title indicated with three dots.


Now you can begin to add your products. Just click on the + symbol next to the category name to create a new row.

*Note – To remove a product, click on the red next to the product name.


Now, return to your spreadsheet, copy as many products within a single category as you would like, click on the first empty box of your new row, and paste. Repeat this process for the remaining categories.


Lastly, click publish, and all of your changes will be visible on the mobile app.

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