Step-by-Step Method for How to Upload Your Inventory to KEXY Mobile App

Step by Step Method for How to Upload Your Inventory

Do you want to know How to Upload Your Inventory? then do check out this post to know more. Welcome to your new dashboard!  When you first create your account, you will see an example page. To customize your dashboard, select the CLICK HERE button to get started.

We have provided a downloadable template to help you format your existing Excel spreadsheets, making it easy to transfer all of your products to your new dashboard. We have included a list of default categories.

Step 1:  First, you will need to change the default category list to match the needs of your business. You can do this by clicking on the Create Category option.  Remove the categories that do not match your needs by checking the boxes next to them and add anything that is not already provided.


Step 2:  Once you have completed creating your categories, return to your spreadsheet. You are now ready to add your products.

Step 3:  Notice the columns we have provided in the template.  These are the same columns that are listed in your dashboard. We refer to these columns as metrics.

The mandatory information that you will need to provide for the metrics on your sheet are par level, the unit or size of the product, the name of the distribution company, the sales representative who you work with to procure this item from, as well as their email address and phone number.

Additional columns that are essential include The most recent price that you paid per unit for this item and the per-item menu price.  You can customize and create as many metrics as you want.

The more information that we have will allow us to better understand your buying and ordering habits, which over time will enable us to save you money by recommending various value-driven products.

Step 4:  Once your inventory sheet has been properly formatted, you can now start transferring products to your dashboard. First, highlight and copy all the rows of products within each category.  Next, return to the dashboard and add this new product (s) by clicking on the plus sign next to the proper category name.

In the first cell, right-click and select paste.  Congratulations!  You have successfully transferred all of the products under that particular category. Repeat this process for all of the other categories.  Whether you are creating the inventory sheet for the front or back of the house, the process is always the same.

Step 5:  VERY IMPORTANT!!!  From the web portal, please remember to click the PUBLISH button once you have finished listing all of your products.  This will immediately push all changes to the mobile app.

If you receive an error notification, this means you have not yet set up your mobile app (see below) and will need to do so before publishing your inventory.

Step 6:  Please make sure that you have downloaded the KEXY app from either the App Store or Google Play.  Your login credentials are the same that you use to log into the web portal.

Because you have already created a marketplace, you can select the click here button to log into your account and simply enter your e-mail and password.

that’s it for this article on How to Upload Your Inventory?. its an complete method on upload inventory with this app. if you have any more question or have any suggestion then do comment below. we will help you to solve your problem.

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