Deals, discounts, and real-time inventory management in one app

Clipboards, phone calls, and spreadsheets should never be part of your ordering process. KEXY streamlines inventory management and ordering for bars and restaurants, while providing exclusive product offers that have been created just for you!

Cloud-based ordering and inventory management software

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KEXY is used globally in more than 50 countries

Bars, restaurants, and liquor stores around the world are improving inventory management, saving time, and increasing their bottom line.

Why Are More and More Restaurants Switching to KEXY?

Access to exclusive deals

Large chains survive because of collective buying power. With KEXY that power is now in your hands. You can connect with vendors and get exclusive deals on what you need most.

Hassle free ordering

Quit making phone calls, running around with a clipboard, or staring at spreadsheets with confusion. With one click ordering KEXY makes life easier.


Seamless inventory management

You’ll save money by identifying losses and minimizing dead stock. Reduce waste and keep better track on inventory, orders, and deliveries. KEXY makes life easier and reduces stress.

Exclusive deals and offers*

* Limited areas

The big guys always “get a deal,” so why not you? KEXY DEALS lets you connect with vendors through the platform to get exclusive deals and handpicked offers on the products that you need.  Join KEXY and experience collective buying power today!

Smart Inventory Management
Smart Inventory Management

The smart way to manage inventory

Clipboards, phone calls, and excel spreadsheets should never be part of your ordering process. KEXY SUITE streamlines inventory management and ordering for bars and restaurants, so you can focus on growing your business.

Is KEXY a Game Changer?

These People Think So

Kerry Thompson (Owner)
South Africa
“KEXY saves me time managing and tracking inventory, while giving me the scoop on the latest deals that save me money. Great platform!”
Paula Vrakas (Owner)
“KEXY has freed up so much time for my bar managers and chefs. Instead of having to focus on tedious ordering, they now have extra time to get creative and work on new and exciting menu items”
Annie Chen (Owner)
“We take inventory twice a week. As an owner that takes time away from more important things I have to do. KEXY reduced the amount of time it takes for me to do those things from 2 hours down to 20 minutes!”
Bruce Smith (General Manager)
“My staff loves it! No more late nights and spreadsheets.”
Nick K.
(Bar Manager)
“KEXY is great! I am able to manage my inventory and conduct my ordering without being in the store.”
Andrew Irwin (Owner)
“The KEXY app makes my day-to-day inventory and ordering processes quick, easy, and effective.”
Rochelle Speiling (Executive Chef)
“I now offer my customers the best products and ingredients without sacrificing my margins.”
Anthony Geiser (Owner)
“I threw out my book of contacts day one. Now with just one click, I can communicate orders directly with my distributors.”
Frank Russo
(Sous Chef)
“This is an amazing solution, much better than my clumsy spreadsheet. Well done. Highly recommended to any bar or restaurant manager.”
Rawi Nunbdis (Owner)
“So far it has been a good experience for me. The app is very detailed, and you can shop right from the app, which is a nice extra feature.”

KEXY has earned 5 stars in the App Store and on Google Play

Take control of your restaurant or bar operations

KEXY is 100% free and takes only 30 minutes to set up.  By eliminating pencils, spreadsheets, and the need to call vendors to conduct your inventory and ordering, we save you both time and money.  Sign up now to find out what KEXY can do for you!

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