Take control of your restaurant or bar operations.

We created a tool to optimize your inventory tracking and ordering to save you a minimum of $12,000 every year

Cloud-based ordering and inventory management software

Paula Vrakas (Owner)

“KÉXY has freed up so much time for my bar managers and chefs. Instead of having to focus on tedious ordering, they now have extra time to get creative and work on new and exciting menu items”

Annie Rammel (Owner)

“We take inventory twice a week. As an owner that takes time away from more important things I have to do. KÉXY reduced the amount of time it takes for me to do those things from 2 hours down to 20 minutes!”

Nick Kang (Bar Manager)

“KÉXY is great! I am able to manage my inventory and conduct my ordering without being in the store.”

Optimizing inventory is all about tools and eliminating manual processes

70% average increase in productivity

KÉXY eliminates manual processes involving paper, pencils, and spreadsheets while connecting owners with suppliers, systems, and applications that provide better end-to-end control over their business.

How It Works

The New Wave Of Inventory Management Software Is Here
  • AI predicts your par levels
  • No more excel spreadsheets
  • Reduce waste
  • Save time and money on labor
  • Organize your business by taking control of your data
The New Wave Of Inventory Management Software Is Here
  • Seperate products by sales rep
  • Send a text, email or both
  • Triple checkpoint system
  • One-click ordering speeds up rocesses by 90%
  • Order all products at once or schedule orders based on vendor preferences
The New Wave Of Inventory Management Software Is Here
  • Consolidate your communications
  • Vendors receive your orders via email
  • Connect with other business operators
  • Discover new brands
Smart Inventory Management

Smart Inventory Management

  • Our cloud-based application allows owners and managers to view and access inventory simultaneously.
  • No more having to locate random Excel files or track down vendor contacts if a manager or chef leaves.
  • Multi-location (front of the house, back of the house, and multiple establishments) inventory management made easy.
One-Click Inventory Ordering

One-Click Inventory Ordering

  • Allows owners access to critical information related to the ordering and product inventory actions of the business.
  • Reduce labor costs by handling ordering tasks at a 75% faster rate than current alternatives.
  • Complete oversight and control of your vendor relationships.
One-Click Inventory Ordering
Integrate Your Applications
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Accounting
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Human Resources
  • Social Media
  • POS System

Integrate Your Applications

  • Track and manage all your daily operations in once place.
  • Stop working in silos and start having all your applications in sync and headed in the same direction.
  • Our single sign-on feature, eliminates having to log on to multiple applications.

Our Case Studies

The ROXY Restaurant

Ashley came to us with a common problem that most restaurants and bars have… How can I manage my inventory while streamlining my ordering processes? She had many responsibilities at the ROXY, and it seemed like never enough time to accomplish everything. She needed a way to free up extra hours in the week to focus on tackling other essential aspects that are required to run a restaurant.

Beachside Restaurant

Nick took over Beachside Restaurant Bar and Grill when they had a change in ownership. Before Nick took the reins, there were several issues concerning theft, overpouring, and overall inventory tracking. Nick realized that with new management, he needed to revamp the old processes and tendencies and start with a clean slate, beginning with getting control of their liquor inventory.

Stability. Transparency. Control.

See how The ROXY (Encinitas, CA) was able to achieve better control and efficiency of their inventory and ordering processes with KÉXY.

Ready to step into the future of inventory management?

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KÉXY allows you to ditch the pen, paper, and excel spreadsheets!

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