KEXY Training Videos for Distributors & Suppliers

15 minutes of training is all it takes to learn how to double your sales in half the time

Message from the CEO
(2 MIN)

Learn why KEXY was created for distributors and suppliers and how it can help take your sales to the next level.  Gain a better understanding of how the platform creates a better relationship for establishments, as well as those who sell to them.

Getting Started
(3 min)

This video will help kickstart your journey with KEXY.  This video also explains the two applications that make up the KEXY platform:  DEALS and SUITE.

Product Overview: KEXY DEALS
(3:45 min)

In this video you will learn the ins and outs of the KEXY Deals.  We teach you how to create a deal or offer, while geo-targeting which bars, restaurants, or liquor stores you would like to market to.

Product Overview:  KEXY SUITE
(3:45 min)

In this video you will learn the ins and outs of the KEXY Suite.  This free inventory/ordering application helps bars and restaurants conduct tasks 85% faster than using pen, paper, and spreadsheets.  By better understanding how KEXY Suite works, you will be able to confidently explain to your accounts how they too can benefit from our platform.

How KEXY Uses Data to Create More Sales for You (2 min)

Data is the new currency of business. By encouraging your accounts to conduct their inventory and ordering tasks through KEXY, not only will you be saving them a ton of time, but you’ll also allow KEXY to give you an edge over your competitors by knowing when their inventory levels are low.

How to Explain KEXY to Your Accounts
(1 min)

In this video, we cover the basics when it comes to explaining KEXY to your accounts.  We also discuss the various marketing tools we have created just for you, in order to make these introductions as seamless as possible.

Wrapping Up (1 min)

Brief recap of what you learned and how KEXY is here to assist you every step of the way.  Utilizing KEXY in conjunction with your internal marketing and sales tools, levels the playing field for businesses like yours and gives you an edge over your competition.

More Sales.
Faster Growth.
Less Work.

KEXY gives sales reps the tools, technology, and real-time data to accelerate sales like never before.
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