Getting Started With KEXY Deals in 5 Easy Steps!

By: KEXY Team
April 16, 2024
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Getting Started With KEXY Deals in 5 Easy Steps!

We are excited to have you join our KEXY family. Imagine a world where you never miss another sales opportunity. KEXY allows distributors and suppliers to make more targeted and timelier sales while reducing your labor overhead.

Here’s how to get you started with KEXY Deals in 5 easy steps.

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1. Make sure all your billing details are accurate and updated

You can start setting up your account information by clicking your account name and clicking on the Billing tab.

2. Create your first deal

Let’s say we are targeting restaurants in Encinitas, CA whose zip or postal code is 92024.

By using the slider, you can adjust the scope of your promotion and specify which restaurants to target. You can change the unit of measurement from kilometers to miles by clicking on the button inside the orange rectangle. The world is your oyster, basically at the tip of your fingers.

3. Fill out the product details of your first deal

4. Is this a Deal?

Choose YES, and be sure to enter the estimated savings that your target restaurants, bars, and liquor stores will enjoy. Alternatively, if you are a supplier, you must also enter the name and e-mail address of your distributor.

Note: KEXY does not determine the savings for the deal. The distributor/supplier will have to put in the savings that the restaurants will save in the deal.

5. Preview your first deal and click on Submit.

Once you have filled in all the required information and details, click Preview and click Submit. Let KEXY Deals work for you and your organization now and reap the rewards later.

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