How To Create, Target, and Market Establishments With Your Deals

By: KEXY Team
December 25, 2023
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How To Create, Target, and Market Establishments With Your Deals

KEXY makes it easy for distributors and suppliers to find and target both new and existing customers. With our geo-targeting capabilities, you can easily identify establishments near you that would be most interested in your products.

1. On the navigation menu, click on the Post Deal tab. Type in the zip or postal code for the area that you want to target for your deal and click the Search button. Let’s say we are targeting restaurants in Encinitas, CA whose zip code or postal code is 92024.

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You can adjust the scope of your promotion by using the slider and choosing which restaurants to target for your product deal. If you click on the button indicated inside the orange square, you can change from kilometers to miles.

2. Next, specify the start and end dates of how long the product deal will run.

Note: If you’re a supplier, you have to enter the daily ad spend amount indicated in the orange box. This amount is based on the number of impressions made on the deal.

3. Then, upload the deal’s product image as well as any additional product information.

4. Is this a Deal? select Yes. Enter estimated savings, and product price, and then select the product category.

Note: KEXY does not determine the amount of savings your deal’s target restaurant, bars, and liquor stores will have. You will have to enter the amount yourself.

Note: For suppliers, you must also fill out your distributor’s company name and email address for the deal’s target territory.

5. As a final step, you can preview the newly created deal for your target restaurants, bars, and liquor stores and then click the Submit button.

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