Discover the Hottest Cocktail Trends Across America: The Most Popular Cocktail in Every State!

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January 23, 2024
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In the past decade, America has been captivated by cocktail trends – from the classics to exotic tastes!

Just as how your preferred food or drink can change over time, so too can trends in the kitchen. This is certainly true when it comes to cocktails!

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Whether you’re looking for inspiration to elevate the classic Margarita or create an eye-popping twist on the ubiquitous Mojito, these recipes offer endless possibilities!

The Most Popular Cocktail in Alaska: The Slushy

assorted drinking glasses with beverages


Alaska’s flair for casual imbibing is embodied in its most popular cocktail, the icy-cold Bailey’s Slushy.

With its light and refreshing flavor, the slushy is an ideal beverage for Alaska’s chilly weather. Icy cold temperatures typically prohibit patrons from indulging fully in their favorite cocktails or even preparing them depending on where they reside!

If you’re seeking a refreshing cocktail fix, why not try out this delightful slushy? Try mixing up one of Alaska’s popular liquors with white rum or vodka to create an icy delight that can be enjoyed anytime.

Grey Goose


Grey Goose, a celebrated vodka brand that has remained steadfast in its dedication towards creating the most delectable gins and vodkas for years, recently launched a delicious array of cocktails based on their products; including Grey Goose Moscow Mules and Vodka Tonics.

Reinforcing its commitment to innovation, Grey Goose’s flagship Moscow Mule is a simple yet refreshing take on the classic cocktail. Originating from the Old West, this potent beverage is typically comprised of dark rum and ginger ale served over crushed ice – giving it an invigorating effect on your senses!

For those who don’t have time for the traditional preparation process, Grey Goose has crafted an exclusive recipe just for you. This decadent creation combines vodka with elixir-infused tonic water into an alluringly vibrant beverage; taking your taste buds on an unforgettable journey!


With a broad array of refreshing flavors and high-quality ingredients, the classic rum and cola cocktail is a surefire winner.

Not only are these exceptionally popular drinks in Cuba, it’s also the most ordered spirit-based cocktail in the country.

It may come as no surprise that Cuba boasts a plethora of tropical flavor combinations when it comes to rum. This includes sweet rums such as Flor de Caña and aged varieties such as Bacardi Superior. Others boast savory notes with mixers like sour mix or citrus juices; brown sugar can be found as well for a more complex experience!

This one is for all those who love their rum!

The Most Popular Cocktail in Arizona: The Margarita

three different types of alcoholic drinks on a table


The Margarita is Arizona’s most popular cocktail, and its popularity can be attributed to the higher-than-average consumption of tequila in the state.

The margarita is composed of a combination of 75% agave tequila and freshly squeezed lime juice. The perfect layering of these two ingredients yields a refreshing drink that is sure to please any palate!

Tequila may be the preferred spirit for this libation, but if you’re on the hunt for another option, your choices are many.

Jose Cuervo

jose cuervo wilderness 20170804092439390

If a rum-based drink isn’t your cup of tea, why not give Jose Cuervo a try? This popular spirit is as versatile as it comes – you can infuse it into liqueurs like chartreuse and anise seeds; utilize it in savory dishes such as chili con carne; or even pair it up with desserts such as cajeta de membrillo.

But if rum is not your favorite spirit, don’t fret! While Cuervo has discontinued its use in some cocktails, this potent liquor still makes for an exceptional base component to any tipple.

Let’s take drink number one: the Tequila kick. Successful bartenders frequently integrate this ingredient into classic margaritas, offering guests a refreshing summertime beverage that won’t leave them inebriated after just one glass! Moreover, this slushy combination of tequila and juices delivers pleasing flavors reminiscent of lemonade – perfect for sultry evenings under the sun!

Sauza Silver

Craftspeople across the country have been experimenting with new and exciting flavor combinations, namely with tequila. Topped off with a splash of Sauza Silver and lime juice, this refreshing mix offers an ideal summertime cocktail that pairs well with backyard barbecues or a day at the beach!

Tequila has skyrocketed in popularity over the past decade, and no wonder why: it’s exceptionally versatile when paired with fruits, herbs, or even liqueurs; making it an ideal match for sipping poolside. Alternatively, its bold flavors pair exceptionally well with honey and spices such as cinnamon; giving you countless choices for creating enticing renditions that suit any occasion!

No matter what your tastes are, there’s sure to be one out there to satisfy them! From ultra-daring concoctions like the ‘Vie en Rose’ featuring agave nectar and cognac, to more traditional options like the cosmopolitan – which is ideal for a night out – anything can be achieved when it comes to crafting an eye-catching drink.

The Most Popular Cocktail in Arkansas: The Sazerac

sazerac cocktail stock today 160913 tease


If you’re not accustomed to the word “sazerac”, it could be a bit overwhelming. Essentially, this concoction consists of rye whiskey, absinthe and Peychaud’s bitters; muddled into a cocktail glass and garnished with an anise-flavored twist. What makes this beverage so extraordinary is its rich history as well as its affinity towards jazz music!

“The Sazerac was created by one Count Camille de Lesseps in 1862 at a New Orleans tavern. It was named in honor of his father-in-law, Alexandre de Lesseps, who founded the city’s Eau de Vie Distillery.”

Peychaud’s Bitters

peychauds bitters credit tom arena styling julia leahr

Peychaud’s bitters is a heralded classic, renowned for its potency and delicate flavor that can transform any cup of joe into one worth savoring. This savory elixir boasts potent aflame notes of smoky orange peel; while clove oil adds depth to this cocktail-making duo!

Vivienne Ramos is a seasoned professional when it comes to culinary pursuits, having worked as an accomplished barista before launching her own restaurant in 2017. After several years, she has made the switch from behind their counter to serving delectable cocktails with confidence – demonstrating how the savory art of mixology can be practiced with grace! To accompany our conversation, Ms. Ramos offered up her insights on which cocktail was most popular in each state.

Aspiring mixologists may be surprised at the myriad options available when crafting their ideal drink. A vast majority of states have embraced the use of fresh citrus juices (90%+), while only 33% favor using sparkling wine as an ingredient in their concoctions – which makes sense given that we consume an average of one bottle per day!

Rye whiskey

Rye whiskey is making an exciting comeback in the cocktail world! This versatile spirit can be used for all sorts of signature cocktails. The aromatic nature of rye allows it to enhance flavors in a wide variety of drinks, from fanciful creations such as Old Fashioned and Sazeracs to more intense concoctions like Manhattans; even its earthy essence can be utilized in sophisticated infusions such as Negronis or Crème Yumquotes!

Rye whiskey, no matter what type, comes with its own array of nuanced flavors. Some popular variants include:

American Rye Whiskey is a bolder spirit boasting notes of spice and pepper, while Russian and Japanese varieties add subtle complexity to their flavor profiles – bringing a pleasantly unfamiliar experience into the mix!

At Nectar in Los Angeles, they have introduced their Aventura Delight cocktail that features a delicious combination of 2° coffee-infused vodka with fresh lemon juice. This tantalizing beverage is sure to leave you wanting more!

The Most Popular Cocktail in California: The Mojito

clear drinking glass with green lemon

Bacardi rum

This classic Cuban cocktail has been making an appearance on menus across the nation for some time now, and rightfully so! Its bright flavors coupled with its unusual fusion of rum and mint make this Mojito a perfect choice for anyone looking for something refreshingly invigorating.

Gloria’s Tavern, a popular spot among locals in Santa Monica, California, is credited with inventing the famous mojito. The establishment sought to recognize the iconic recipe that made such an impression upon the world – an endeavor that eventually led them toward crafting their own rendition featuring a taste from home.

On any given day at Gloria’s Tavern, you can catch a variety of regulars enjoying one of their signature cocktails like the mojito (or its variations) for breakfast; likewise during lunchtime when patrons are more likely to opt for its variants as well as before dinnertime where it’s typically paired with seafood dishes instead!

Mint leaves

clear drinking glass with ice cubes and green leaves

Mint leaves can be incorporated into a wide array of sour and sweet cocktails, making them an ideal garnish. Mint is a perennial in the culinary world, often utilized as a refreshing take on hot beverages such as tea; however, it can also be found in more unique creations like chocolate!

The mint leaves are simply affixed to the side of each drink, allowing for an exciting twist on the traditional mint julep.


I’m a firm believer in cocktails being the pinnacle of culinary creativity, so it surprises me that only 20% of American adults consider their favorite drink to be an Old Fashioned.

The classic cocktail is indeed one of my favorites; however, I routinely make substitutions when crafting mine! Typically speaking, I’ll toy with different liquors and infuse them with fruit or other ingredients – such as cucumber in place of mint – while also altering the ratio between whiskey and vermouth.

There are countless recipes for this legendary concoction; however, today we focus solely on its base recipe.

The Most Popular Cocktail in Colorado: The Screwdriver

screwdriver drink featured 735x735

Crown Royal whisky

Denver’s Screwdriver (Crown Royal whisky) is our state’s most popular cocktail choice! This combination of whiskey, vodka and sweet vermouth has proved particularly desirable amongst locals seeking to unwind in one of Colorado’s prime cities.

The Screwdriver – a diminutive variation of the classic highball – may be the perfect choice for craft cocktail connoisseurs. With its moderate alcohol content (around 40% ABV), it’s ideal for easing into an evening without having any discernible hangover come morning.


Absolute Vodka bottle lot on glass racks

vodka has become the people’s choice for the ideal summertime drink! It is a refreshing way to kick off the new season with its crispness and earthy notes that heighten any type of food pairing.

Pamela Bartlett, the creator of the Cocktail Mixers website, shared her thoughts on this refreshing summer drink: “Think daiquiri, but lighter and less cloying; made with fresh pressed cucumber-infused vodka, sparkling water or even soda.”


Currently one of the most popular fruity cocktails, this elixir has been a game changer for bartenders across the country. Nowadays, it’s hard to find a restaurant or bar that doesn’t offer some form of lemonade on their menu!

Even though lemonade is such an easy drink to concoct, its popularity can attest to its versatility and ease of preparation, making it ideal for novice mixologists. In fact, you could even whip up this refreshing beverage at home with just a handful of ingredients!

The Most Popular Cocktail in Connecticut: The Sex on the Beach

sex on the beach 621ae6e

Strawberry Daiquiri mix

Are you a well-traveled person? Are you frequently jet-setting across the globe? Then you’re likely familiar with the routine of pre-trip stress; some people tend to take their jaunt abroad as an opportunity for escapism.

The Sex on the Beach is an elegant, yet casual cocktail that can be enjoyed in any situation and setting – from beaches to parties! It combines tart strawberries, creamy coconut rum, and sweetened ice cubes for a refreshing drink that’s ideal for kicking back along with friends during long summer days spent at the shore.

If you’ve never ventured far beyond your hometown, then this recipe may be perfect for you: it showcases Connecticut’s prominence as one of the leading producers of strawberries in the United States.

Midori melon liquor

A cocktail named after the vibrant, enchanting slip of a color, Midori is composed of Midori melon liqueur and green tea.

Pro tip: If you’re in search of an energizing beverage from our list, consider adding Midori to your repertoire!

If you’re considering purchasing this drink for yourself or someone else, just be sure to select one that’s sugar-free and alcohol-free; otherwise, this refreshingly light concoction can leave you feeling a tad bloated.

The Most Popular Cocktail in Delaware: The Moscow Mule (Vodka-Grenadine mix)

moscow mule 04968 16x9

Delaware residents are partial to their Moscow Mules, which is no surprise given their affinity for the classic vodka-Grenadine mix. This cocktail boasts an enchanting combination of sweet and sour flavors that perfectly complement each other; it’s a refreshing alternative to more traditional summertime selections!

A Moscow mule is a delightful blend crafted with a generous portion of lime juice stirred into your favorite vodka or gin. For those seeking further flavor inspiration with their beverage, add limes or lemon wedges and ginger root slices soon afterward.

To craft this enticing drink at home, combine 1 ounce of Gosling’s Black Seal rum with 1 ounce of lime juice and 3/4 teaspoon of sugar in a cocktail shaker filled two-thirds with ice cubes; then stir briskly until frosty─an ideal ratio for optimum results. Finally, pour into a chilled Collins glass filled with fresh ice cubes and garnish with the slice of lime wedge while adding raspberries or strawberries if desired.

Delaware has been named one of America’s most popular up-and-coming states for leisure travel. In 2018, Delaware welcomed nearly 4 million overnight visitors from around the globe; however, the state still offers plenty of opportunities for travelers interested in experiencing its rich culture!

The Most Popular Cocktail in Georgia: The Sidecar (French 75 cognac blend with lime and orange juice)

Georgia’s most popular cocktail, the Sidecar, boasts an exotic flair with a French 75 cognac blend; citrus juice, and Orgeat syrup. It is this recipe that propelled this libation into the top spot as Georgia’s favorite drink!

Georgia has long been celebrated for its distinctive brands of orange wine, so it’s only natural that its most popular cocktail would reflect such an affinity. Despite the fact that this creation presents a harmonious balance between sweet and sour flavors, it still allows one to savor both simultaneously without experiencing any bitterness! The result is truly remarkable!

The Most Popular Cockanswer In Hawaii: The Mai Tai (Tequila-Pineapple Juice Mix)

Cocktail trends mai tai square

Hawaii is renowned for its tropical climate and paradisiacal scenery, but with such a high concentration of rum-based cocktails taking the spotlight here, it’s no surprise that this island state boasts the most popular concoction on the list; the mai tai.

The Mai Tai acts as an interesting juxtaposition between its sweet pineapple-infused rum and savory orange liqueur, while one of its main ingredients – cognac – serves as a balance to mellow out its flavor profile.

With its refreshing flavors, this sultry classic is perfect for any time of day!

The Most Popular Cocktilla In Idaho: The Margarita (Corona Extra and Jose Cuervo Tequila.)

Idaho is known for its hearty offerings, from boiled eggs and mayonnaise to Idaho potatoes. Among the most beloved foods in the state are trout; however, when it comes to spirits-wise – it’s margaritas that steal all of the limelight!

The Margarita is ubiquitous across the country and is Idaho’s favorite cocktail. Between its mild taste and availability, this is no surprise. If you’re looking for an easy-drinking option that won’t weigh down your evening with alcohol content, then I’d highly recommend giving this one a try!

The Most Popuuste Los Angeles Cognac Old Fashioned (Jim Beam Bourbon with bitters.)

blueberry bourbon lemonade 14 683x1024 for coktail trends

As a revered spirit, cognac has been enjoyed in various forms throughout history. However, thanks to its prominence in the Old Fashioned cocktail – this beloved elixir is now alluringly featured alongside a variety of other spirits, providing an authentic take on a popular classic drink!

Los Angeles is home to one of the country’s most celebrated jazz lounges, and cognac lovers can savor this sophisticated libation at The Standard Hollywood. Sip it slow over ice while enjoying live performances by some of Los Angeles’ finest musicians, or sit back and relax with friends under the stars as locals gather for an array of fun-filled activities during their evenings out.

At The Standard Hollywood, enjoy exquisitely crafted cocktails sourced from nearby distilleries such as Ancora Vodka and Avion Tequila along with New Amsterdam Gin and Jameson Irish Whiskey; house specialties created from more than two dozen carefully selected spirits were also available for guests’ consumption.


To discover the most popular cocktail in every state, take a glance at this informative infographic! From classic classics to contemporary creations, you’ll be able to pinpoint the perfect libation for any occasion. Whether you’re a fan of sweet, sour, or savory flavors, there’s a cocktail on this list that will tickle your taste buds. These drinks are not only delicious but also reflect the unique culture and traditions of each state.

From Hawaii’s Mai Tai to Idaho’s Margarita, these cocktails have become staples in their respective states for good reason. So why not try making one at home or order it at a local bar during your next visit?

In conclusion, discovering the most popular cocktail in every state is a fun way to explore the diverse drinking culture across America. So grab a glass and cheers to trying new things!

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