How To Edit Your Locations

By: KEXY Team
January 27, 2024
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KEXY allows multiple team members the ability to take inventory simultaneously!

When you set up your storage areas in your KEXY account, you can begin to really see the benefits. Just split the workload between staff members and record inventory across multiple storage locations simultaneously all from your mobile devices.

You can easily set up and manage your storage locations from either your Web Portal or Mobile App. Click on the Edit Locations listed under the menu bar on the left part of your screen in your dashboard.

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You can add, delete and make changes to your existing locations. Be sure to customize the storage locations specific to your business using a recognizable name and uploading a photo so it is easy for your staff to understand.

When conducting inventory from your mobile app, staff members can switch between locations by scrolling left to right and highlighting the storage area that they will be working in.

PRO TIP:  If multiple team members are taking an inventory at the same time, MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE ALL WORKING FROM THE SAME INVENTORY NUMBER!

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