How to Reduce Food Waste In Restaurants 2024

By: KEXY Team
January 8, 2024
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Do you want to know how to reduce food waste In Restaurants? then do check out this post to know more. Do you know that 22 to 33 billion pounds of restaurant food go wasted each year, alone in the US?

These statistics are enough to put anyone in shock. However, there are countless ways to avoid this problem and every one of us can play his/her part in food waste reduction.

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Here is the article to give you some unique ideas for restaurant food waste reduction, so the world will be a more prosperous place to live in.

Here are some proven techniques and tips that help you to avoid sending the food to the landfill.

Method for How to Reduce Food Waste In Restaurants

1. Make Realistic Estimates to Avoid Food Waste
2. Allow Customers to Take Leftovers Home
3. Guide Employees & Customers to Reduce Waste
4. Use the Restaurant Inventory Management Software & how to Reduce Food Waste
5. What Is “Forecasting Restaurant Sales”?
6. Boost Your Sales by Learning Restaurant Food Waste Management

Make Realistic Estimates to Avoid Food Waste

Your cooking methodology depends on how much food will go to the landfill.

Let’s see how…

If your strategy is large batch cooking, there are strong chances that the order rates will fluctuate and the food will go out of date before you sell it.

However, if you cut the vegetables, refrigerate the food, and proceed to cook only when you receive the order, it will work for you. But here it is important to mention that you should be fast enough to prepare or bake the half-prepared meal.

Thus, if you opt for batch cooking just to save time, remember that it can waste your money as you will end up with a lot of unnecessary food.

Allow Customers to Take Leftovers Home

Do you know 34% of food wasted is in the form of leftovers that are just thrown in the trash?

What if you devise new rules for the restaurant and encourage your guests to take food home?

This technique will greatly help in restaurant food waste reduction, and you can even make it easier for the guests by offering special packings or giving them “doggy bags” to take the leftovers with them.

Guide Employees & Customers to Reduce Waste

While hiring the cooks and other staff members for the restaurant, you should first train them on food safety. It is a part of professionalism and expertise that the employees should have authentic knowledge on how to minimize restaurant food waste.

Moreover, poor food management and preparation can also cause a big financial loss. Thus, you can motivate the employees by offering special bonuses and other treats if they handle all the food arrangements perfectly.

But an undeniable fact is,

What can your employees do when the guests order too much food and waste the most of it?

Well, you should also devise rules for the customers so they will not order more than they need or do not throw the leftovers directly into the basket.

Moreover, strictly advise them to keep the premises clean.

Well, still there are chances that you fail to implement the food waste reduction techniques. It is particularly difficult when you have a very large restaurant, and the influx of orders fluctuates considerably.

What is the pro tip? Let’s get to it!

Use the Restaurant Inventory Management Software & How to Reduce Food Waste

In this world of technological advancement, you should make the best use of inventory management software to improve environmental and economic sustainability.

These are software programs that maintain the regularity of foodservice businesses with commercial kitchens.

Various software help in forecasting restaurant sales, this helping in setting standards for your restaurant’s expenses, profits, daily food analysis, and much more.

What Is “Forecasting Restaurant Sales”?

It is the process that helps to estimate the economic trends, your average order rates, and overall market analysis. Thus, it powerfully assists in predicting monthly unit sales, outside factors, menu rates, and measures your business’s profitability as well as growth rate.

Restaurant Inventory Management Software works on the above-mentioned techniques to help in restaurant waste reduction, and allow you to save 18% on food costs.

The best part?

These software systems are user-friendly and can connect prices to stock ingredients.

Some popular and top-rated restaurant inventory management systems include Lavu, Micros, Aloha, Upserve, Toast, Loyverse, and some others.

The good news is that all of such software have excellent 24/7 customer support and you can enjoy seamless restaurant food waste reduction experiences.

Boost Your Sales by Learning How to Reduce food waste with Restaurant Food Waste Management

These effective food waste reduction techniques will not only save your money but also improve your profits in the long run.

But remember, if you think food waste does not affect you, you must change your mindset before you implement these easy tips.

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