Utilizing Tech To Help You Navigate The Pandemic Economy in 2021

By: KEXY Team
January 6, 2024
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Utilizing Tech To Help You Navigate The Pandemic Economy

Do you want to know how to Utilizing Tech To Help You Navigate The Pandemic Economy? then do check out this post to know more. The strategies we mentioned in our previous blog are simply those – strategies. They live dead on paper until a leader decides to roll up their sleeves and put them in action.

Regardless of your title or company size, there is no substitute for strong leadership when guiding a ship through stormy seas. However, when the doors open again, customers and employees will be watching to see if you retain the same openness and transparency.

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As the business models change to a post-COVID normal, you will need to adapt and pivot your own leadership to implement the necessary changes to thrive.  

After the tidal wave of COVID-19 abates, it will be the strong, bold leaders who will have the unique opportunity to direct how the economy recovers, and in what new directions the world moves. How will you respond to the opportunities afforded to you in this unique moment of an economic restart?

Will you implement strategies that you have developed to address the concerns that COVID-19 revealed, or will you return to the same old habits? (Hint: You won’t survive long looking back to the way things used to be!)

Use New Tech To Reach Your Patrons Online

For the restaurant and hospitality industries, sales and revenue are dependent on having warm bodies in the room. Unfortunately, until a viable healthcare option arises for the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing your customers back for in-person dining, catered events, and other gatherings will be limited. Even the ability to take your food and drink options to external locations will be impacted, as travel will be kept to a minimum for employees, and host venues will be slow to allow events to take place at their locations. To keep their consumers engaged, smart companies have adapted to the ability to continue engaging with their clientele through digital sales and media.

Imagine taking the fun of a web-camera happy hour and hosting your own for customers? Recapture the magic in-person dining and bring it to the digital realm through online web conference technology and video streaming. Have new dining options coming out or updated specials running? Reach customers where they are – online!

Not only will you have the ability to reach your audience on their own terms, but you can also potentially open your brand up to more customers as you use available outlets to more potential clients than could attend your gathering. Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to stop welcoming customers through your digital doors throughout the rest of the year.

Take Advantage Of Customer Engagement Applications

Look at any thriving business or brand, and you will notice one particular characteristic: a highly engaged audience. According to statistics from Gallup, a business that utilizes customer engagement applications enjoys almost 23% more revenue than others. By adding Customer Engagement Applications to your marketing and communications arsenal, you can continue to reach your customers while keeping everyone safe.

There are a variety of customer engagement applications on the market that create unique and creative avenues to reach, engage, and track your clients in ways that build brand recognition and loyalty. Depending on your particular business needs and industry, different services can help your company bolster your reach and influence among current and potential customers. With increased engagement, you can better test marketing strategies, increase your analytics, and discover the best ways to reach consumers in the ways they want to engage. Take the guesswork out of COVID-19 customer engagement by utilizing the latest in tech – and prepare for the next phase of the digital marketplace.

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