Why Use KEXY with NCR Aloha Restaurant Management System

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January 18, 2024
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According to Wasp Barcode’s research report, about 46% of small-medium businesses, including retailers and restaurants, in the U.S fail to track inventory or employ a robust system with inventory control features. Aloha Restaurant Management System

Conversely, restaurants and retailers that use sophisticated restaurant management software alongside inventory management tools have streamlined business operations, including sales tracking, payment processing, accounting, and inventory management.

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The National Restaurant Association reports that over 75% of U.S restaurant businesses fail to make enough profits because they can’t manage food costs or perform inventory management operations at acceptable levels.

A recent research report shows that 75% of U.S restaurants experienced inventory shirking in recent years due to employee theft, costing businesses around $20 billion per year. Experts recommend discouraging such behaviors in restaurant employees by using a high-quality, easy-to-use, and affordable restaurant management system with robust inventory management tools.

Another study highlights that 80% of sales for restaurant businesses come from 16% of menu items, necessitating the use of a POS system with an inventory management app to reduce waste.

One report highlights that 30% of restaurant businesses worldwide use multi-outlet operations and face inventory challenges due to a lack of proper inventory management tools.

Therefore, if you have multiple establishments and can’t control inventory, you are not alone. Research shows that restaurant businesses that use dedicated inventory management tools can reduce overstocking and inventory errors by 17%.

After POS systems and payment processing applications, the most popular technologies for restaurant businesses are inventory management tools. If you are using NCR Aloha and looking for ways to improve your inventory management and control, we recommend complementing it with an innovative, cloud-based app known as KEXY. Read on!

NCR Aloha Restaurant Management System

The NCR Aloha is a powerful and end-to-end point-of-sale (POS) system for restaurants, allowing business owners and managers to optimize their sales operations, control inventory, and manage labor costs. The POS system aims to streamline restaurants’ operations by providing practical, adaptable, and extended APIs lists.

Thousands of restaurant businesses use this restaurant management system because it is reliable, usable, and efficient. The POS system offers mobile and fixed point-of-sale features, takeout, digital ordering, analytics, reporting, loyalty program management, and integration with third-party delivery marketplaces.

What is KEXY Inventory Management Software?

NCR Aloha Restaurant Management System

KEXY is one of the best inventory management tools that offer a wide range of inventory control and management features to restaurants. It is an easy-to-use, user-friendly, and cloud-based system that enables you to streamline your inventory operations and overcome challenges that come with traditional restaurant inventory spreadsheet methods.

The software system complements your existing NCR Aloha POS system and reduces time by 75% compared to the Excel spreadsheets or any other manual inventory control methods. KEXY aims to reduce waste, improves efficiency, and increase returns on investments by mitigating theft.  

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Why Use KEXY with NCR Aloha?

The NCR Aloha restaurant management system offers easy-to-use features and tools to manage food items, beverages, and paper costs while managing inventory levels to maintain efficiency and control costs.

However, Aloha is not a cloud-based POS system, requiring managers to update the system manually. Likewise, the update process requires the restaurant to reset the master terminal. Bear in mind that this can lead to wasted time, resources, and inadequate inventory management.

Aloha Restaurant Management System

The good news is that KEXY is a cloud-based app that enables you to view and access inventory data, even when the central POS system is down due to update requirements. You can access restaurant’s data without searching for random Excel files and analyzing vendors. Besides, KEXY makes it easy for a restaurant to manage and control inventory, even if they run multiple establishments.

Inventory Ordering

NCR Aloha restaurant management system allows you to order products when you need them and stock those you need. The system also gives you indications on subsequent production cycles based on the recorded history.

The POS system enables you to count, monitor, and track your restaurant inventory with different methods. It can also count bar codes, allowing owners and managers to control inventory from a handheld device.

However, if you want to improve inventory access and view, it is recommended to use KEXY alongside NCR Aloha. KEXY is one of the most reliable, fast-speed, and practical inventory management tools that enable you to access essential data and information on your product inventory. It aims to manage the ordering task effectively and at a 75% faster rate.

Multi-Unit Management

Using NCR Aloha, you can control top-level inventory items, including price changes, recipe updates, menu items, and vendor modifications. Although you can also enhance the current goods’ cost through analytics and reporting, the NCR Aloha restaurant management system has complications in multi-unit or multiple location view management.

Thanks to one of the best inventory management tools, KEXY enables you to monitor and track inventory items in all of your establishments. You can even manage and track transactions effectively and reliably. KEXY is a sophisticated software system that helps you set up and organize product inventory quickly.

The easy-to-operate system, KEXY, is a sigh of relief for restaurant businesses that use the NCR Aloha restaurant management system to streamline their operations, including multiple vendors tracking, stocking locations per item, and audit sales trails, and perform inventory edits. Therefore, it is a wise and informed decision to use KEXY alongside Aloha.

Improved Vendor Communications

NCR Aloha is a reliable POS system that makes it easy for restaurant owners and managers to take control of their inventories without spending more time. The POS system can manage multiple factors that affect your inventory daily and tracks inventory items’ movement into and out of stock.

If you want to improve your inventory control operations further, you need to focus on vendor communications, and in this regard, KEXY can help. It allows you to send messages to representatives and receive their replies effectively and quickly without wasting time.

A centralized communication storage platform is what makes KEXY the best inventory management tool for your restaurant. Likewise, you can organize your business and personal data separately and access each record easily without worrying about data theft or duplicities.

The simultaneous sending of text messages and emails to your reps is another essential feature that streamlines vendor communications, preventing you from making lots of calls. If you want to search and find the best deals, make sure you use the Group Connect feature, allowing you to access vendors’ networks.

Final Words

Many restaurants find it challenging and tedious to maintain efficient inventory management operations. However, there are POS systems and inventory management tools, like KEXY, that you can use to overcome stress related to inventory control. Restaurants can compete effectively with KEXY and handle challenging daily tasks with accuracy and greater ease.

Restaurants that use NCR Aloha can improve their inventory management by combining the POS system with KEXY. It is a crucial component of your business, enabling your to track your inventory items as per your business needs and customers’ demands.

You can use the software with your POS system for efficient and productive transactions. Likewise, it enables you to monitor inventory items and goods, including available and out-of-stock items, making it one of the best inventory management tools.

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