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Products you need at prices that really make a difference.

Inventory Management software


The big guys always “get a deal,” so why not you?

KEXY DEALS lets you connect with vendors through on the platform to get exclusive deals on the products that you need.

We even curate the deals to the stuff you always buy! Let KEXY Deals help your bottom line today!



Are you changing items to your menu? Perhaps you want to look for more cost-effective options to help your bottom line?

Take advantage of the Request Board where you can post specific products you’re looking for within a certain price range.

Let vendors compete for your business and simplify your life while growing your profit margin.

KEXY Suite and Deal Features
Number of Users Unlimited
Restaurant Applications Analysis
Your Dedicated Account Manager will complete an entire analysis of your software and POS systems, while providing cost saving and operational efficiency recommendations.
Dedicated Account Manager
Beyond providing stellar technology, KEXY believes that customer service is as equally important. Your Dedicated Account Manager will be there for you every step of the way to assist with any account or technology concerns you may have.
Permission Levels
Decide who has the ability to place orders, contact select vendor reps, and edit inventory.
Vendor Communications
Use our app to search and communicate with vendors. No more having to text, email, or make phone calls.
Group Connect
Negotiate and find the best deals on products through the network of vendors.
Excel (CSV) Download Export
Multiple Locations View
Keep track of your Inventory and Ordering transactions throughout all of your establishments.
Product Inventory Set Up
Save a ton of time by allowing the KEXY team to organize and set up all of your products on our platform.
Number of orders per month Unlimited
Triple Check Point System
Ensures that all of your orders have been received and are being processed. Nothing falls through the cracks.
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