12 Best Restaurant Inventory Management Software

By: KEXY Team
January 12, 2024
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– A Detailed Guide with Comparisons –

Do you know that the use of Restaurant Inventory Management Software enhances productivity by 70%?

So, if you have not considered using an application for your inventory tracking, it’s time that you start for a number of reasons.

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However, this is where many people come into trouble.

We all know that various restaurant inventory management tools are there in the market, and all of them are premium.

And without practically using software and no prior understanding of the features, no one can spend money on the purchase.

With a lot of competition in the online market in 2021, every software company claims its product as a brilliant option.

You need to choose the No.1,

So here is the article that will give you in-depth knowledge about the Top Restaurant Inventory Management Software of 2021.

Wait, there is more.

We will also discuss the #1 inventory management software for restaurants AT THE END OF THIS REPORT.

So, without any further ado.

Let’s compare top competitors in the market and find out which restaurant inventory management software can prove to be the best option for you by fitting exactly to your budget and fulfilling management needs.

List of Best Restaurant Inventory Management Software in 2021

1. Accubar
2. Bevagar
3. BevSpot
4. Cheddr Suite
5. Compeat
6. SynergySuite
7. CrunchTime
8. MarketMan
9. Upserve
10. Restaurant 365
11. Restaurant Magic
12. Partender

1. Accubar

Accubar is a beverage management software that serves to track and scan barcodes on the beers, wines, and other bar equipment. It is an excellent software for inventory owners to manage their production operations at a larger level.

Let us have a look at the pros and cons of Accubar.


● Accubar only works with the fastest running devices to maximize the speed of barcode scanning and tracking record. This software ensures the quick count inventory.

● Along with inventory management, Accubar delivers and stores all the data in a database, which later produces metrics and analytics regularly to ensure that your restaurant improves its productivity.

● The best part about this inventory management software is that it gives the customers an option to configure depending upon your software preference and features. With this software, you can also customize your package accordingly.


● Accubar, a restaurant inventory management software, does not allow users to experience a free trial before the final purchase.

● When buying inventory management software for restaurants, Accubar could be too costly. With just an additional feature, software at Accubar will cost you much more.

2. Bevagar

Bevagar is a highly competitive restaurant inventory management software that provides a cloud-based management environment. It also offers a POS-system to manage the bars and restaurants by creating invoices and managing commands from multiple locations.

Let us have a look at the pros and cons of Bevagar.


● Bevagar is a cloud-deployed system that is flexible enough to cater to both small and large businesses.

● Bevagar has a user-friendly interface that does not require much training and practice to comprehend.

● Bevagar helps in reducing human errors at a larger level.

● It also offers a free trial for new users of restaurant inventory management.

● Bevagar allows its users to access data from numerous locations.

● From managing the inventory to controlling the customer data, Bevagar runs multiple applications with veracity and integrity.

● Human errors are reduced to a great amount using Bevagar.


● The setup and installation of this restaurant inventory management software can be quite complex and time-taking.

● Implementing the system functions of Bevagar could be a complicated procedure.

3. BevSpot

Restaurant Management Software specializes in providing restaurant inventory management software to bars and restaurants from several devices all saved into the cloud.

Let us have a look at the pros and cons of BevSpot.


● BevSpot is an all-in-one food and beverage management software.

● It provides cloud-based management software that allows users to access data from multiple locations.

● BevSpot displays an easy-to-use software interface that does not require much training and prior knowledge.

● It maximizes its features to ensure that the business of a restaurant or a bar is strengthened.

● BevSpot can also be used for hotels, country clubs, golf courses, hospitality groups, restaurant groups, and hotel management companies.


● BevSpot does not provide the ability to work with a quick restaurant inventory management software.

● BevSpot has drawbacks in merging the data efficiently.

● BevSpot can require its users to enter double invoices, ultimately making the system slower.

4. Cheddr Suite

Cheddr Suite is a mobile-friendly software that allows users to manage all the restaurant and bar operations in just a click. It is one of the best restaurant inventory management software that has taken over most of the bars and restaurant software systems.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the Cheddr Suite.


Cheddr Suite provides the following features:
    – Food and Beverage Management.

    – Human Resources Management.

    – Scheduling orders and tracking finances.

    – Cheddr Suite provides employee management, kitchen management, and customer management.

    – Cheddr Suite provides an easy-to-use software platform.

    – It provides excellent customer service that makes it easier for the users to implement the system effectively.

    – Cheddr Suite keeps a strong record of the user’s data.

    – It also focuses on highlighting the variances.

    – Cheddr Suite allows the customers to access all the locations’ sales and data in just a single login.


● Does not work on Windows and Mac.

● UI might require the user to add additional details and requirements to access data. Birthdates and estimated sales must be provided to update schedules.

5. Compeat

Compeat has experience in providing integrated accounting and restaurant inventory management software for more than 19 years in the industry. With enormous working experience, Compeat is considered to be one of the leading inventory management software.


● It is a leading cloud-based restaurant technology platform suited for restaurants of all sizes.

● It offers services like POS systems, business intelligence solutions, and inventory tracking for restaurants and bars.

● The software helps restaurateurs to keep track of the raw materials with its exceptional tracking system.

● It meets all the specific customer’s needs because of its user-friendly interface.

● It is easier to implement and setup Compeat with just basic knowledge.

● Customer service at Compeat provides quick and faster support to respond to customer queries.

● It allows the users to access and update the recorded data from multiple locations.

● Complete restaurant inventory management software provides a flexible inventory tracking system.


● Compeat will require exertions in merging the data.

● Accounting with Compeat could make you face some troubles.

6. SynergySuite Restaurant Management Software

SynergySuite is an international provider of award-winning restaurant management software to leading global restaurant chains.


● SynergySuite offers back-office software that covers all critical business areas, including

    ❏ Inventory & Purchasing

    ❏ Recipe Costing

    ❏ Food Safety

    ❏ Scheduling

    ❏ Cash Management

    ❏ Human Resources

    ❏ Business Intelligence

● It is a cloud-based software that is user-friendly, easy to use with a good platform.

● It supports mobile devices, among others making access to your information easily and at anytime and anywhere. Information is with you always. You can also integrate it with your existing systems.

● By using this software, you gain the power to understand and control your business.

● It saves time and reduces risks that are likely to face the business.

● It has the potential to manage the entire back of your business the way you want.


● Information stored in the cloud is risky at times since unauthorized people can access it.

7. CrunchTime

CrunchTime Inventory Software is the restaurant inventory management software that helps manage restaurant and bar production, inventory, and labor-management with vigorous analytics and metrics.


● It is quite easy to handle the restaurant software inventory using CrunchTime as users are efficiently trained to understand every detail.

● Exceptional customer service ensures that all of the user’s queries are catered to regarding the restaurant inventory management software.

● Helps in maintaining a proficient workflow by providing the best POS system for your restaurant inventory.

● Always updating the system to new versions with additional features.


● It could require you to constantly get data from franchises of CrunchTime to get the best of the updated features.

● CrunchTime does not provide space for extra inventory.

8. MarketMan

Marketman allows the users to manage the restaurant inventory management using cloud-based technology. It provides alerts to get accurate food rates. Ensures that the restaurant owners are fully aware of where their money is going.


● This software provides an interface to manage the profits and losses daily.

● The team at Marketman is prompt in replies. Having exceptional customer service, it gets easier to get the solutions to your problems.

● Marketman can be used for larger and small level restaurant inventory management.

● With this software, you can track your previous orders and keep a detailed record of the sales and purchases.

In a nutshell, Marketman gives operators all the necessary services to operate the whole restaurant inventory.


● Marketman makes it difficult for the operators to transfer their inventory or material.

● Marketman restaurant inventory software could take much time in setup and installation.

9. Upserve

With this fantastic restaurant Inventory Software, you can reduce your food by waste up to 5%. It is quite a handsome option for large businesses whose 5% means that they can save millions. We will discuss it later in the pros section.


● With automatic tracking and simple reporting, you’ll always know your inventory variances.

● Upserve enables you to see which menu items bring guests back and how profitable they are for your business, so you can engineer a delicious menu that’s good to your guests and your bottom line.

● Customers using the Upserve Inventory report 5-8% improvement in their margins by tracking food waste, avoiding excessive ordering, and maintaining just the restaurant’s right inventory levels and across their brand.

● It helps you streamline receiving your deliveries and save time by creating suppliers, catalog items, and purchase orders. The good news is that you can use barcode scanning capabilities right from the app.


● Sometimes you may face difficulties during product scanning.

10. Restaurant 365

One of the widely used restaurant inventory management software in the world is Restaurant 365. R 365 is a cloud-based computing system that allows operators to track the sales, recording, and purchases. Users can also get customized analytics and metrics based on their personal choices and preferences.


● One of the best analytics and restaurant report analysis software to ensure the efficiency of restaurants or bars.

● Restaurant 365 software, also abbreviated as R365, is an excellent budgeting tool for restaurant inventory systems.

● Several features can help in shedding low-performing factors.

● Restaurant 365 provides an easy-to-use software interface.

● The best part about this software is that users and restaurant managers can customize and design their preferred themes accordingly.

● This software has a wide variety of features.

● It can also allow users to access data from multiple devices.

● Customer service at R365 is quick, fast, and promptly responsive.

● Cloud-based reports accessible in real-time

● Beautifully designed hardware that withstands the rigors of the restaurant environment.


● Most people consider this software to be an unfinished product because it has more features and less quality.

● Many features of Restaurant 365 are prompt to getting bugs and crashes.

11. Restaurant Magic

Restaurant Magic is an incredibly awesome restaurant inventory management software that aims to provide the best operating system for restaurant and bar managers to achieve their business’s financial and managerial goals.

Let us get a brief idea of Restaurant Magic’s pros and cons.


● With this software, users and operators can experience the best-designed technologies and features.

● It has several customized features that help enhance the restaurant’s inventory system and improve the efficiency of a business.

● It also allows you to keep staff aware of inventory.

● Staff at Restaurant Magic provides you with a detailed briefing of the products offered and can also help you in choosing the best one as per your choice.

● Create personalized, detailed ingredient inventory tracking reports.

● Provides optimizing for food management and tracking.

● Optional modules in the restaurant inventory management.


● The pricing may seem unaffordable at times.

12. Partender

Amazing software lets users and restaurant managers access, store, and manage the data by using a smartphone only. From unlimited restaurant inventory management to keep a record of the stock, Partender is one of the most loved inventory management software.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of Partender.


● Easy to manage the data with just a click.

● Information on restaurant stock and inventory can be accessed through multiple devices and locations.

● Maintain an automatic tracking and record of the stock.

● It helps users to manage the data efficiently without putting in much effort.


● At times, it can cause errors and bugs.

● An unaffordable inventory management software.

What Is the No. 1 Restaurant Inventory Management Software?

The center of any restaurant business is the customers’ choices, and if we see it from the side of the consumers, we need to be slightly more practical.

The most distinguishing part of any software is how user-friendly it is. Whatever the restaurant inventory management software companies’ claims are, we will guide you to the application that is the number one choice for users.

So, we have not ended yet, and here is the best inventory management software for you.

KEXY – The Best Small Business Management Software

The name KEXY comes from the Greek word “kainotomo” and “exypno” which means “innovative” and “smart.”

KEXY is a cloud-based inventory management software used by numerous restaurants and bars to help them operate more efficiently

When it comes to eliminating manual processes, you should choose only the best.

If you are in search of the most affordable software that reduces the use of pen and paper and is AMAZINGLY FREE , look no further.

What sets it apart among the competitors?

When it comes to simplifying operations and procurement between restaurants, bars, and brands, KEXY helps you save a minimum of $12,000 annually.

Thus, it is quite right to say that it can do wonders in the long run.

Inventory KEXY Features

● Easily export your information into an Excel file (CSV) for deeper analysis.

● Keep track of your Inventory and Ordering transactions throughout all of your establishments.

● Save a ton of time by allowing the KEXY team to organize and set up all of your products on our platform.

KEXY Ordering Features

● Unlimited number of orders per month

● Ensures that all of your orders have been received and are being processed. Nothing falls through the cracks.

Other Features

● You can use the KEXY app to search and communicate with vendors. No more having to text, email, or make phone calls.

● It also allows you to negotiate and find the best deals on products through the network of vendors.

Unlike the competitors:

● KEXY was solely designed by the restaurant workers who got fed up with managing everything. Their sole purpose was to target the problems and to maintain the tireless flow of the work. So, it can be easily understood that this software can beat the competitors as it is made by those who experienced the problems and created the software according to the needs.

● With a passion for ensuring the restaurants’ smart operation, the main focus of this system is to manage the inventory and interact with vendors online.

● It provides better end-to-end control over the business, maintaining the seamless flow.

Mainly it is the SOLUTION, and being software comes next.

We know that these inventory management software manufacturers were wise enough to understand that restaurants love to choose the most affordable ones.

So, realizing how costly it can turn out to be, they worked for countless hours and presented the best product to the world.

With the strong humanitarian and emotional aspects of this software, we highly recommend this one over the competitors.

Even if you want to choose any of the above-mentioned software, you will notice where they are lacking and how KEXY can turn out to be the all-in-one solution.

Choose KEXY For the Best Experiences

When it comes to stability, transparency, and control, KEXY is second to none. We have researched and figured out what can help you the most, especially if you are running a small business and need an all-in-one restaurant inventory management software.

However, you have other options available, and we have discussed them for your ease. If you are still confused, you can reread this article, compare it with the features of KEXY, and then you can decide on your own.

But rest assured, you won’t find another application that comes even close to what KEXY offers and remember, it’s FREE! Given how the COVID pandemic has affected the restaurant industry, it’s important to save every dollar you can.

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