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By: KEXY Team
January 15, 2024
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Imagine setting up the menu, designing the infrastructure, and arranging everything you must do to run a successful restaurant or bar but forget a proper Restaurant Inventory Management System! It could be worse for your profit ratio during the COVID-19 pandemic.

There’s no problem with Restaurant Inventory Management Software for having proper know-how of the goods going in and out. But don’t make the mistake of paying for Restaurant Inventory Software.

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Want to know why?  Well, let’s get straight to the point.

Don’t Dare Pay for an Inventory/Ordering Software System

Indulging yourself into complex financial assortments at the time when you need to sort out the business risks is the worst you can do to bring doom to your restaurant. The first thing that supports not paying for any Restaurant Inventory App is the extra expense you’re going to pay. They usually charge anywhere from $50 to $200, which is relatively high compared to other free management software.

Plus, the complexity in the details of everyday expenses and spent items bewilders the restaurant owners to get an exact idea. No doubt management software offers many features, but only a few of them are accessible and easy to understand after paying.

Big-time businesses can easily cover the expense of helpful inventory systems, but a new average Bar or restaurant is never suggested to pay for the Restaurant Inventory Software. Someone who just started a new business can never get into how such software works. Thus, excellent and continuous training sessions are required, which demand some extra money.

And you know what? Without a doubt, you can limit the business inefficiencies with a paid inventory software system, but it still comes with a variety of risks, so why not use a free restaurant inventory software application? It seems like a pretty smart and cost effective idea!

Here’s what you need to know when planning to open a restaurant.

Significant Reasons to Opt for Free Inventory Software

Noticing a sudden decrease in the stock right after filling it a week before can put you in trouble. Not only this but keeping a good account of the financial health of your restaurant seems like a tedious and mind-wrecking task. The restaurant owners often find it challenging to balance the expenses saved and expended. So, what do you do?  Select the Best Restaurant Inventory Software but only in the free version!

But wait, you should know the reasons before including reliable management software for counting your financial scores. So, let’s dig in to explore more.

Accountability of the Financial Health is Important

Facing a drastic imbalance between your business bank’s restaurant’s finance details can give you goosebumps. The ongoing pandemic has gone over people’s nerves when it comes to making money. Thus, if you want to save your business from scams, you should go to a Restaurant Management Inventory System (free one).

Determining COGS is one of the promising prospects you’ll get when selecting the most reliable Restaurant Inventory Software like KEXY. You can get an exact idea of the profit margins by figuring out the COGS.

Minimize the Chances of Theft

Getting an idea of the black sheep in a group of your employees isn’t that much easy. Hiring unqualified people with less business experience is a wrong step to take; it will bring loss to your restaurants and cause management disfunction. According to Scholars work, more than $400 is lost to thefts every year. Thus, taking account of this factor has become necessary now.

You can keep a constant glare at irregularities going back in your management when you’re not noticing things only with a free Restaurant Inventory Management Software. You can check all the deterrent employees before changing shifts for ensuring the successful completion of every day’s task without any theft.

Don’t Allow Food Wastage

A person who’s suffering to maintain a steady financial condition of his or her restaurant or bar is never in the state to afford food wastage. If we give the name “financial doom” for wasting food in a new restaurant, it wouldn’t be wrong at all. No matter how much you strive to save food, some chefs and employees don’t even care about wasting your efforts.

But don’t worry, we’ve got the solution. Adjusting the waste rate to your restaurant’s consumption is the best way to manage finances. Thus, a Restaurant Inventory Management App can remove all your stress by giving you the exact statistics of food wastage.

An Ultimate Solution to All Your Concerns With KEXY!

Are you thinking of arranging your Bar or restaurant’s financial status for being a newbie in business? Congratulations! We’ve got your back with KEXY. All your worries to pay the high bills of Restaurant Inventory Software should not be your concern again as KEXY is all set to serve you with every possible distinguishing feature free of expense.

What is the fantastic thing about that?  There’s no need to engage your time in making spreadsheets and having a record of lengthy financial details. You get the chance to connect all your buyers, suppliers, employees, and applications that play their role in end-to-end control over any business management.

Because the pandemic has brought a potential setback to every business, we’ve decided to make our application free with the onset of lockdown. We were previously charging $100 dollars per month, which was also quite affordable compared to other Restaurant Management Inventory Software. But we’ve made things easy.

We’ve made our services free of cost to aid those who’re suffering to afford the high fees of management software. You will notice a potential increase in your productivity with remarkable profits up to 70% by working with us.

Sounds interesting, right? Let us tell you more about our services.

Concise System of Management

We’ve got innovation in the typical handling of records that let our users enjoy the convenience of having a complete history of the inventory from time to time. KEXY is a cloud-based application that makes it easy for everyone to understand the basics of finance management.

Say no to Excel files!

There’s no need to bewilder yourself in tracking down the employee’s record that leaves your platform. Plus, you can stop making excel files of their records.

You can track down their records with our replenishing app. Another thing that attracts most of our users is the multi-location access to restaurants’ owners. If you own multiple establishments, there’s no need to worry about handling each branch’s records. We’ve got a precise system to make everything easy for you.

    • Reduction in the Worries of Inventory Ordering

Keeping a complete track of the goods you’ve ordered for your restaurant’s stock or the critical information you’re searching the product inventory is quite accessible now. When thinking of opening a restaurant, the first thought that hits the mind of many owners is the proper usage of items ordered since no one can afford a loss in this prospect.

We aim to reduce the ordering task to about 75% for our users. There’s no need for you to look for alternatives. We’ve resolved the issues of handling ordering tasks at a faster rate.

Moreover, you can enjoy a complete insight into your vendor relationships. Thus, the extent of scams and frauds with vendors has reduced to a greater extent. All thanks to the transparent management of KEXY.

    • Communicate with Your Vendors

Managing the complex systems of communications with all your vendors is quite a hectic task only if you’re a beginner in entrepreneurship. In addition to the transparent ordering and management systems, KEXY has now introduced the handiest methods to communicate with the vendors. You can send messages to the reps and can receive their response.

All the conversations are highly confidential. Thus, there’s no need to bother your mind in thoughts about leakage of information. All communications between an owner and a vendor are stored in a secret place, minimizing frauds’ chances. You can separate your business contacts if you want better transparency in managing your business accounts.

The need for a receptionist to receive the calls from vendors is at an end now. We’ve introduced the best feature to eliminate all calls with multiple text messages and emails for replying vendors.

Why Do You Need to Head to Us?

Many significant features to use before other Restaurant Inventory Management Software. Find some of these plus points below.

  • Get rid of continuous calls, enjoy sending texts and mails
  • We aim to provide a triple checkpoint system
  • Easy access to the one-click ordering
  • Speedy process of dealing with 90%
  • All services are free of cost
  • Schedule based placement of products
  • Manage the finances based on the vendor’s preferences
  • Friendly communications with the vendor
  • Receive orders through email
  • Easy connection to the business operators

Thus, choosing KEXY as the first technology in your new restaurant will not be a wrong choice at all. It’ll boost up your incomes by threshold energy.

After knowing much about KEXY, you should also know the exact idea about the practices to adopt whenever trying to set up your restaurant’s inventory.

Adopt the Best Inventory Practices

Are you still finding it difficult to get over the lengthy procedures of management even with KEXY? You must go for the best possible practices for taking account of the inventory records.

    • Staying Organized is the Key to Success

In addition to the day-to-day rigors, you must take a profound concern of your stockroom. Small storage spaces can make it harder for you to manage the stock with a complete record. Thus, all you have to do is organize your stockroom to the possible extent.

Moreover, you can hire inventory takers for assembling the stocks in the storerooms. Keep all the cans and boxes organized on the shelves so that you can easily count and have a record of them.

    • Be Consistent in Inventory

Starting a business to earn a considerable profit is the result of consistent inventory. Don’t commit the mistake of being inconsistent in your deals with the vendors. Not only this, but you should also take a profound record of where the inventory should start and stop working.

The reliability among the inventory takers is also the better outcome of being consistent in inventory. Don’t forget to keep a regular check on your employees by visiting your storerooms from time to time. This will enable you to know the exact number of items in your area.

    • Training of Employees is Must

Don’t handle the inventory software to unprofessional people is another name for bringing disaster to your business. It’s quite challenging for a beginner businessperson to trust the employees at very first sight. Thus, the only solution you can adopt is to train them thoroughly until you trust them.

There must be two to three trustworthy employees in your team who can run out Restaurant Inventory Management Software’s errands with better transparency. Another best way to do this is to assign them some tasks to make them eligible for the job.

The best part?

Adopt the habit of testing the honesty of your employees by several means. You can ask those questions about the recent COGS, price dealings, and stocks received and spent.

Get a Chance to Be Successful with Best Inventory

Who can leave it to “chance” to perform better in the race of success, especially when COVID-19 is roaming around. Thus, you don’t have to pay a single penny to maintain proper balances with your company’s finances. KEXY can be the best addition to your management system from the first day.

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