Cost Cutting Methodologies

By: KEXY Team
January 23, 2024
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Cost Cutting Methodologies: Reducing costs is one of your restaurant or bar business’s most reliable methods to generate higher revenues and increase profits. Identifying and implementing tailored approaches that align with your business goal is crucial to reducing costs, increasing operational efficiency, and improving the bottom line.

Here are a few cost-cutting methodologies for restaurants and bars.

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Optimize Supply Chain Operations

Optimize Supply Chain Operations

Gaps and loopholes in the supply chain can lead to complications and affect your restaurant business negatively. It can also cost you a substantial amount of money. For example, multiple delivery fees can increase costs without providing value to the customer.

Therefore, you must optimize your supply chain operations and find a single supplier that provides quality, healthy, and the correct quantity of ingredients you need to serve your guests in the best possible manner. At the same time, you can source the most needed ingredients and avoid the ones that cost extra money.

Identify Low and High-Selling Items

Menus are critical components of your restaurant. However, a menu item not selling well can lead to food waste. As a result, you lose your valuable money. If your restaurant or bar has items that cost additional ingredients but do not sell well, you will lose more money.

So, you must not keep unnecessary items on your menu. We recommend reaching your target audience on different platforms and asking questions regarding your restaurant menus and dishes.

The purpose is to get feedback from your existing and potential customers and ensure unwanted items are not on the menu. We suggest spending your resources and time improving the appeal of your bestselling restaurant menus and dishes.

Focus on Pre-Portioned Amounts of Food

Focus on Pre-Portioned Amounts of Food
Portion wooden round box with different nuts and raisins in 7 sections, top view, isolated on white. Compartmentals dish with walnut, peanut, almond, hazelnuts, cashews. Healthy food, superfood, organic product, food promo concept.

Adjusting portion sizes is an excellent way to reduce food costs. However, this requires you to implement rules to measure each ingredient and streamline the portion size. In addition, this approach allows your employees to optimize the food planning a preparation process. Therefore, you must develop specific instructions and implement a reliable strategy focusing on pre-portioned quantities of food. The goal is to ensure your employees serve guests reliably, efficiently, and quickly.

Follow a Balanced Staffing Approach

Creating a healthy balance between understaffing and overstaffing is a massive challenge for most restaurants. Although understaffing can create substantial bottlenecks, overstaffing can cost a lot of money because you have to pay employees to do nothing.

Therefore, you must optimize your staffing strategy and keep track of peak and slow periods during the week. So, you can employ workers accordingly and prevent yourself from spending extra money on paying your employees on an hourly basis.

Implement Digital Strategies

Implement Digital Strategies

Digital strategies allow restaurant and bar managers to organize their inventories, finances, and kitchen-related tasks. Implementing a digital system is a sustainable approach to avoid traditional methods, such as pen and paper, documents, and manual paperwork.

Digital files do not occupy much space, and you can access them online through computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Therefore, you must invest in digital solutions, such as a POS system, employee management software, inventory management tools like KEXY, and other applications that improve customer convenience, personalization, and service.

Improve Online Food Ordering

Improve Online Food Ordering 
Food delivery app order with phone. Online mobile service for take away burger and pizza. Hungry man reading restaurant menu, website and reviews with smartphone. Takeout or fast courier deliver

Food delivery app order with phone. Online mobile service for take away burger and pizza. Hungry man reading restaurant menu, website and reviews with smartphone. Takeout or fast courier deliver.

Online food ordering is an excellent way for restaurants to stand out from the competition, reach more customers, and reduce costs. We recommend employing custom software to accept orders with accurate communication tools to streamline customer experiences.

In addition, create a stellar online food or beverage menu, assign orders, track deliveries through sophisticated software, outsource delivery drivers, and focus on sustainable packaging.

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