Food Trucks – Are They Real Competition For Dine-In Restaurants?

By: KEXY Team
January 21, 2024
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Hello! The food sector is becoming increasingly on-demand, fragmented, and mobile. The trend has accelerated across all industries for the last few years. Facing rising costs, limited real estate, and growing labor shortages, many cities across the United States grapple with a more unsustainable and competitive restaurant industry.

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Americans love food trucks. These new mobile vendors play a crucial role in boosting the U.S economy by creating jobs, satisfying hunger, and making cities’ downtowns cool. Although food trucks have a profoundly rooted history in the U.S, some people claim that they are not sanitary and nothing more than “roach coaches.”

Research shows that food trucks are every bit as clean as restaurants and other food establishments. Likewise, violations per establishment are few, regardless of the foodservice category.

In many U.S cities, violations by food trucks ranged from 1-4 violations per truck, while restaurants have an average number of eight violations. It means food trucks follow governmental guidelines, especially safety protocols, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many restaurant business owners worry about the rising trends of food trucks that create intense competition due to less overhead, strong consumer support, greater mobility, and unconventional dining options.

However, as a restaurant business owner, you can beat the competition by petitioning the city government to limit parking near restaurants and impose health regulations rigorously. Likewise, it is crucial to offer competitively priced options, faster food preparation, and easy mobile ordering.

Ensure you provide delivery services in your neighborhood and focus on your restaurant safety process in social forums, newsletters, and advertising. We recommend holding special events to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. Increase your loyalty rewards for dining, especially when food trucks and carts are active in the local area.

Buy your own food truck if your restaurant has failed to beat the intense competition. Here are some of the benefits of a restaurant-owned food truck.

  •      Easy-to-change menus
  •      No complaints about parking in front of your restaurant
  •      Explore business in opportunities in different city areas
  •      Promote your restaurant using the food truck
  •      Use local produce and focus on sustainability
  •      On-location management streamlines bulk orders and catering
  •      Food trucks allow for testing new food niches and recipes
  •      Offer lower prices than food trucks due to your established vendor relationships

·       Offer custom menu for different city areas and earn more by offering menus on alternative days

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