Portion Control – Serving Just The Right Size

By: KEXY Team
January 21, 2024
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Greetings! Portion Control_Standardizing menu portions is one of the primary reasons some restaurants are thriving in the industry. Controlling portions in all of your stores allows your customers to expect the same portion size, whether they visit your restaurant in Miami or Los Angeles.

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A huge meal is directly proportional to a better value for your dollar. However, customers can’t eat this much, and most of the food ends up in the garbage. Remember, this is something like throwing your money away.

How to avoid this problem? The most effective solution is portion control. You can reduce the amount of food on the plate, leading to reduced food costs. At the same time, you can offer free refills to your customers, and because a low number of customers will request refills, you can save a lot of money. Not only will this keep your customer happy, but you will also optimize your portion sizes.

Consistency is Key

It is crucial to bring consistency in your portion control efforts for your staff on every shift. When you are consistent about your serving size and provide your team with practical prep instructions, you can avoid food waste and control your costs.

For instance, each time your staff prepares and plates a dish in the kitchen, it should have the same amount and ingredients. Invest your time and resources into proper training, guidelines, and management to avoid under or over portioning. Use KEXY inventory management software to ensure accuracy in inventory processes and operations.

Use the Right Equipment

Scales, portion cups, measuring cups, spoons, scoops, etc., are effective tools and equipment to streamline your portion control operations. Make sure you include photos of finished dishes to help your staff in plating all orders effectively.

It is not necessary to use fancy portion control tools to get the job done. The primary goal is to ensure the tools you use are the right size and hold the exact ingredients you need for portion control.

Invest in Inventory Management Software


Digital products, including inventory management software, can help you manage your restaurant operations effectively. KEXY is a popular, fully integrated, and responsive inventory software that you can use to bring accuracy to your overall menu costs.

At the same time, this software offers a wide range of features, allowing you to determine an ideal portion size effectively and quickly. KEXY lets you link your recipes and dishes to your POS system and perform other essential functions, including recipe costs updates and ingredient change costs.

Moreover, KEXY offers advanced reporting features, allowing you to track theoretical and actual inventory item usage. That way, you can ensure controlled portions and eliminate costly errors.

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