The Ultimate Guide To Restaurant Management Systems

By: KEXY Team
January 20, 2024
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Restaurant Management Systems Different restaurants use different management styles because each restaurant has unique goals and objectives. However, one goal that all restaurants share is generating higher revenues and increasing profits. Restaurant management is an essential aspect of all establishments, allowing them to reduce costs, maximize profits, and improve customer experiences.

An efficient restaurant management system combines different technologies and tools, such as a restaurant inventory spreadsheet system, food, and beverage inventory control software, POS system, etc. In today’s article, we will discuss the importance of a restaurant management system and highlight its key aspects. Read on!

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What Is A Restaurant Management System?

Successful restaurants depend on a wide range of processes that align and work in synchronization with each other. A restaurant management system is a software with customized features that help operators manage different business aspects efficiently and cost-effectively. Experts recommend implementing the following software solutions to streamline your business operations.

Front of House (FOH) System

It is an essential solution or system that improves your guests’ or customers’ experiences. When you implement a solid FOH system, your customers will trust your business and stay loyal for a prolonged period. FOH systems usually include point of sale (POS) and reservation systems.

Back of House (BOH) System

BOH systems are effective solutions for your restaurant, allowing you to manage all aspects of food prep, inventory control, labor, and raw materials. KEXY is one of the best food inventory control software that offers features like restaurant inventory spreadsheet and food and beverage inventory control along with so many other features and functions.

Human Resource Software

Human resource (HR) software is an essential solution that enables you to recruit and retain experienced, qualified, and skilled employees. Bear in mind that the software gives you insights that you can use to develop training programs for your employees.

At the same time, you can develop a solid employees termination strategy using the software. What does an effective restaurant management system include? Continue reading!

Restaurant Reservation Software

Research shows that 83% of customers prefer adding their names and other data to a waiting list before visiting the restaurant. If you want to streamline your business operations, make sure your management system integrates reservation software. It enables your customers to book tables through an online platform or smartphone application. Here are a few advantages of implementing restaurant reservation software.

Improved Management

Integrating reservation software in your restaurant management system can help you define and employ a solid management strategy. For instance, you can figure out the number of employees required for different shifts. At the same time, you can organize your kitchen staff based on the reservations.

Customers who use a reservations system for booking tables have improved their experience. Likewise, your hosts provide better customer service and avoid spending time taking reservations on the phone. The purpose of implementing an online reservation system is to avoid the embarrassment that results from double-booking, overbooking, etc.

Enhanced Customer Experience

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Customers always look for restaurants that provide value and convenience. A successful restaurant has a reservation system in place, allowing people to book tables using an online platform or smartphone app.

An effective reservation software provides your customers with accurate data and information on table availability. The software also saves a lot of time for your employees, meaning they don’t have to deal with customers over the phone.

Likewise, the software saves customers’ details, special events, and dates, including Christmas, birthdays, parties, etc., to ensure they book tables quickly. That’s why you can’t ignore the importance of implementing reservation software in your management system.

Employee Scheduling Software

An effective employee management system is directly proportional to improved customer satisfaction levels, higher revenues, increased profits, and success of your business. Restaurants that manage employees through manual processes or Excel spreadsheets in the 21st century shut their business doors sooner or later.

That’s why it is crucial to use sophisticated scheduling software like KEXY that features a restaurant inventory spreadsheet and employee management capabilities. The purpose is to overcome the hassle of manual employee management, fix misplaced schedules, and make accurate changes to prevent wasted management hours.

Likewise, you can organize your employees’ shifts effectively. So, what are the primary advantages of using restaurant scheduling software? We will discuss them in the next section in detail. Keep reading!

Improved Communication

A recent research report highlights that 81% of employees want to join companies that employ effective communication strategies. Therefore, we recommend placing a premium on engaging employees and choose a scheduling software with features that encourage open and effective communication in your restaurant.

For instance, you can encourage team collaboration and communication by replacing the need for SMSs and emails using scheduling software. Choose a system that enables you to communicate with your staff as a whole or to individual employees. Remember, your team will benefit from the up-to-date information and know what’s happening in the restaurant.

Reduce Labor Costs

You need to manage labor costs accurately to avoid spending money on unnecessary things. An effective restaurant employee scheduling software comes with labor costs control features, allowing you to schedule shifts, manage labor costs, and compare predicted costs against actual costs.

Higher Employee Satisfaction Levels

Employees want their employers to trust them and provide them with autonomy and freedom to control and manage their shifts. Scheduling software makes it easy for your staff to manage shifts or swap them with suitable colleagues.

However, the software also analyzes the employees’ data and gives you insights that you can use to set parameters and determine who can swap shifts. The purpose is to ensure you employ the right number of employees and manage shifts without increasing your labor budget.

Food Inventory Control Software

Food inventory control and management software have become one of the core aspects of modern restaurants in the U.S. We believe that restaurants can’t survive without food inventory control software. If you fail to integrate a unique software system like KEXY, you will experience problems like overstocking and understocking essential ingredients.

Remember, having too much or too low stocks can result in irreversible consequences, and you may close your restaurant doors. Therefore, food and beverage inventory control or management software like KEXY can help prevent food and money wastage, leading to maximized budget and improved inventory operations.

Optimized Supply Chain Management

One benefit of using KEXY is to optimize your supply chain management or operations. Bear in mind that ordering inventory relies on the actual amount or quantity you require for your restaurant. KEXY helps you optimize and automate your supply chain operations because you can place orders with a click of a button.

Save Time and Money


KEXY enables you to create more accurate forecasts and streamline the required inventory for different seasons. The software system allows for better projection of food and goods costs, leading to reduced wastage. Thus, KEXY creates a positive effect on your bottom line and ensures your business is more successful.

At the same time, KEXY frees up time that your staff would spend on inventory management using Excel spreadsheets or papers. It is a high-quality and customizable system that can count inventory, saving you more time by giving you accurate results.

Theft Reduction

Another advantage of KEXY is theft reduction because it is a cloud-based system with up-to-date and robust security protocols. KEXY can identify unusual patterns of stock reduction that indicate fraudulent activities and theft. That way, you can further investigate to figure out why the stock is missing.

POS Software

The point of sale (POS) software system offers multiple functions, such as sales tracking, payment methods, customization, and integration with quality inventory software systems like KEXY. A POS software system enables you to collect customers’ data and process credit cards. Here are a few benefits of using POS software. Keep reading!

Eliminate Errors

It is challenging for restaurant managers to write down orders for kitchen staff, leading to mistakes and errors because manual processes can result in inaccuracies. However, when you use POS software, you can display orders on the screen and eliminate errors. It also improves collaboration between your BOH and FOH staff.

Insights and Reports

It is essential to choose POS software that offers features like data processing, analytics, insights, and report generation capabilities. That way, you can generate business reports and process credit card information, inventory data, and servers’ sales. Remember, efficient reporting is crucial for making informed decisions, leading to increased productivity and business growth.

Final Words

A restaurant management software or system is the touchstone of your business, offering a wide range of advantages, including improved employee management, cost-saving, and better BOH and FOH operations. Make sure you integrate your management system with KEXY to achieve optimal results and increase your bottom line.

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