Why POS Integrations Are Overrated

By: KEXY Team
January 21, 2024
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Greetings! Many restaurant owners can’t imagine a single day without their POS system. You can easily accept payments, make transactions, and send satisfied customers on their way with your POS system running smoothly.

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However, when it crashes, services slow down or halt, and the entire business feels the impact. Technical issues are common with an outdated POS system. For instance, you risk losing crucial data and valuable customers with every shutdown. Here are a few challenges faced by businesses, including restaurants, regarding POS integrations.

Lack of Knowledge on Integrations

Restaurants often develop unrealistic expectations regarding POS system integrations. The lack of knowledge on POS integrations can lead to many problems, including inventory control issues. Speak with experienced consultants before making investments.

It is crucial to understand the function of integrations and the challenges it brings to your business. Otherwise, you will waste resources, money, and time. You need a sophisticated system or software that integrates with almost all POS systems.

Ineffective Business Analysis

In-depth and complete business analysis is crucial for accurate integrations. The purpose is to understand your requirements and develop a strategy that aligns with your business vision and products. Make sure your business analyst carries out the process accurately. Otherwise, you will experience issues in systems integration.

Poor Management of post-integration Issues

Once you integrate software applications or POS systems, you need to fix issues before these complications take a toll on your restaurant operations. You need to iron out unforeseen bugs and loopholes. At the same time, you need to focus on updating the system. We recommend having a contingency plan to manage and fix post-integration issues.

Inadequate POS Integration Testing

A POS system comprises many subsystems and modules, meaning you must integrate all of them to ensure accurate and error-free data flow. You can do this by implementing a solid testing strategy. Ensure the software development company you have hired performs integration testing and unit testing, leading to improved and effective POS.

No Real-Time Integration

Accessing and analyzing real-time data are crucial mechanisms for any business, including restaurants. Not only does real-time integration allow for accurate and informed decision-making, but it also improves communication between different departments.

Not Having a Prototype

Software development companies often ignore giving businesses the prototype product and tell them that the system is plug-and-play, but this can lead to problems. You need prototype testing to ensure the integration works without any issues. Lack of a prototype and testing can lead to significant problems.

Integration Costs

Integration is not a cheap or inexpensive process and requires money. Remember, the cost of integration is not a one-time expense, even if the software development company tells you so, meaning you will pay for upgrades, customizations, training, and other processes. When you fail to account for hidden costs or future expenses, you will experience challenges.

Time Constraints

Work with your vendor if you want an effective solution in a shorter period. Ensure the software company adds all features, functions, and customizations before carrying out the deployment and implementation processes. Although plug-and-play ensures that you can use the product immediately, it will require testing, training, and customization before deployment and implementation.

No Backup

Make sure you have a contingency plan for backup before integration. Otherwise, the lack of backup, archiving, and disaster recovery can lead to a wide range of problems. The purpose is to ensure your business operations run smoothly. Backup is essential to protect your data and avoid complications. Use Cloud-based inventory software, such as KEXY, to protect your data with high-quality security protocols and excellent backup solutions.


Data Access Control

Integrations often involve cloud environments, but admins don’t understand the risk levels with access control. POS systems bring a wide range of security challenges to data access control. When you fail to monitor settings and ignore cloud customization, you will experience severe data breaches.

Limited APIs

Restaurants often expect software development companies to provide them with APIs to integrate different software, tools, and apps. However, most companies don’t provide APIs to restaurants, retailers, and bars. Bear in mind that APIs for many POS systems don’t support full integrations. Therefore, you need a centralized layer along with APIs to streamline the entire process.

Update Incompatibility

Updates are essential for any software system to function correctly. However, integrated software or apps may not function properly when one app gets updates, and others don’t receive updates, or if there is a delay, some features of the POS system won’t work.

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