KEXY vs MarketMan

KEXY is a cloud-based inventory management software used by numerous restaurants and bars to help them operate more efficiently. Our sole purpose every day is to consistently improve our product in order to become the best Inventory and Ordering solution on the planet.

We believe that the foundation of a restaurant or bar begins with how you are managing your inventory. Moreover, understanding who you are ordering from and why certain products are being ordered can have a significant impact on your bottom line if you aren’t on top of things.

While we have no desire to be your POS system, handle your employee scheduling, or manage your accounting… we do have the capability to integrate with multiple existing applications such as those in order to create the best customized restaurant management tool that suits your restaurant or bar’s needs.

Top reasons to go with KEXY

KEXY is a powerful tool providing you with everything you need in order to take control of your restaurant or bar’s inventory & ordering operations.

Our multi-location feature allows you to manage and oversee aspects of inventory and ordering for all your establishments.
Reduces the amount of time it takes to conduct inventory and ordering actions by over 75%.
Provides consistency, transparency, and control by having both front and back of the houses operating alike instead of in silos.

Why Choose KEXY over MarketMan?