How ROXY Saved Over $2,650 Within 3 Months of Implementing KEXY

Ashley came to us with a common problem that most restaurants and bars have… How can I manage my inventory while streamlining my ordering processes? She had many responsibilities at the ROXY, and it seemed like never enough time to accomplish everything. She needed a way to free up extra hours in the week to focus on tackling other essential aspects that are required to run a restaurant. She was also fed up with doing her inventory in a pen and paper manner. She was curious if there was a technological application in existence that could eliminate that mundane process.
Internal Research
Ashley researched several solutions that could help her with this problem. In addition to KEXY, she explored Micros, her current POS system, to gauge their inventory and ordering capabilities and other more specialized solutions such as BevSpot, Market Man, Bevager, and Restaurant 365.

After reviewing all potential options, Ashley, kept coming back to KEXY. As she explained, “KEXY was so specific to what I needed, which was an application that was extremely easy to use, but more importantly, did what it said it would do. I needed a robust end-to-end inventory and ordering solution, and it was heads and shoulders above the rest. The more I looked into other available options that reportedly had all-in-one solutions, I found two concurring themes. Either the application had way too many bells and whistles, which I didn’t need or of the nine features they had, only 2 or 3 were worthy of using whereas the other features were not up to par and as a result not worth the price.


By implementing KEXY at the ROXY, Ashley could eliminate the need for tracking inventory via Excel spreadsheets. Another considerable advantage Ashley took advantage of was that the KEXY application works for both the front and back of the houses. Within days, she was able to transition the kitchen staff process over to KEXY, which saved them a ton of time, not only placing orders but also eliminating a lot of unnecessary food waste and over-ordering due to the auto par level feature.

Within just three months, ROXY saved 40 hours from their current inventory and ordering processes, which resulted in approximately $2,650 of savings in labor and operational overhead costs. Paula, the owner of ROXY, told us that she loves the ability to view, manage, and track all orders coming into the restaurant. As an owner of several restaurants in multiple states, Paula says, “Having KEXY as a partner has been beneficial because now, I can keep an eye on all of our inventory at multiple restaurants without physically being there.”


hours of labor saved per month


saved within the first 3 months

Take control of your restaurant and bar operations

In one way or another, we’ve all been impacted by COVID-19. Some restaurants have adapted and others are still searching for their footing. Regardless, as an industry, every dollar matters and restaurants must transform to this new reality.

Our goal at KEXY is to give you back the control of your operations by making it easier for you to make the best decisions when choosing products for your restaurant. Our application helps you gain total control and transparency of managing your inventory, conducting ordering, and interacting with vendors.

And what’s the best part… It’s 100% FREE! No Catch… No Gimmicks.